Term limits fail in Schuyler County

WATKINS GLEN — A measure that would have set term limits on Schuyler County legislators failed Monday night when it did not get a required majority vote.

Seven of eight lawmakers were present and voted 4-3 to pass the local law that would have limited legislators to 12 consecutive years of service. But the rules call for “no” votes to be automatically entered for lawmakers who are absent, so the tally was recorded as a tie vote, 4-4.

Voting for term limits: Chairman Dennis Fagan, R-Tyrone; Philip Barnes, R-Watkins Glen; Stewart Field, R-Reading, and Barbara Halpin, R-Odessa. Opposed: Thomas Gifford, R-Montour Falls; Doris Karius, R-Hector, and Glenn Larison, R-Odessa. Michael Yuhasz, R-Watkins Glen, was absent.

“I can’t vote for this because it seems ridiculous,” Larison said. “We have people elected by the people. It’s not just a fluke. If they’re not doing their job, they’re not re-elected. I don’t know why it’s an advantage to the taxpayer to change horses. I just don’t get it.”

Written by
Glenda Gephart