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#1404345 --- 06/08/13 08:12 PM How does one get
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spell check on the forums? Help needed.
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#1404355 --- 06/08/13 08:43 PM Re: How does one get [Re: Mellow One]
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Buy a dictionary and you won't need spell check. You will learn all kinds of new words too.
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#1404417 --- 06/09/13 10:20 AM Re: How does one get [Re: Frisco kid]
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Now how in hell's name is that going to help if he/she can't spell it in the first place. Like syphilis, he/she may know what it is then again how to spell it is a whole different matter wouldn't you say? Oh well doesn't matter I'm able to do both.
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#1404431 --- 06/09/13 03:39 PM Re: How does one get [Re: Frisco kid]
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It's more fun if I just reach into the Big Bag o' Words and yank one out at random. "Glockenspiel", fi; I'm currently using that for a dog chew toy.

And "onomatopeia" makes a handy doorstop.
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#1404578 --- 06/10/13 08:11 PM Re: How does one get [Re: VM Smith]
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I use Google Chrome as my browser. It has a spell check built in.
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