Tioga Looks to Upgrade County Neworks

The Tioga County Legislature has created two new initiatives to upgrade its services and systems and both are out for proposal right now.

The legislature is looking at what could be a million dollar project to upgrade the network infrastructure for the county. The legislature issued a request for proposal last month and will review the proposals after receiving them on June 14. The legislature expects to select a contract by July 1. The County will then negotiate the final contract.

In their request for proposal the County lays out what their infrastructure is and why they need to update it. The County network provides services for approximately 435 internal users and provides services for numerous outside agencies. There are nine buildings with fiber optic connections and two buildings are connected by T1 WAN connections.

The County has an aging network infrastructure. Departments in many locations are experiencing significant latency and other network problems. The IT staff is addressing some of these issues by localizing servers on the network segments where the majority of users reside and are evaluating other options for remediation. While the goal of the project described in this RFP is to replace an existing network infrastructure that contains some design constraints, we are open to alternate design considerations within the limits of the existing infrastructure.
The Countyís goals with this project are: to\ build a new network infrastructure for a long life cycle of 7 - 10 years; maximize data throughput and reliability between buildings; reengineer VLANís for a more logical, department-based data flow across the network and to minimize inter-building traffic, and to build redundancy, within infrastructure limitations at a reasonable cost.

The cost of the project will be determined when proposals have been returned.

The County is also looking to upgrade its electronic records system as it moves to absorb other sets of records. The County implemented its current electronic records system in September 2003, and since January 1, 2004 have recorded more than 82,337 land records, averaging around 9,000 a year into the current system. Additionally, the Tioga County Clerk's Office has completed the back-file conversion of all land records documents from microfilm to digital images dating back to year 1791, and indexing has been completed for deeds, mortgages, assignment and discharge of mortgages back to the year 1971.

The County put out an RFP for this project on May 3 and will receive proposals by the end of the month. The County hopes to select a contract proposal by July.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 2:14 pm
By Jesse Disbrow | 0 comments