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#1386399 --- 02/07/13 08:05 AM kodak printer
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for some reason our printer does not print the correct color.

the print looks no where near what the screen is.

the color, is way off. !! could it be the ink, printer, paper

or what ?? thanks

#1386416 --- 02/07/13 09:06 AM Re: kodak printer [Re: L EE]
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Well.. Silly question, but have you checked the ink levels? When was the last time you changed your ink cartridges? How are the colors way off? is it all one color? Is there lines all over the place? If it's not the ink and you have done some testing on it, then I would Google search the problem your having and see what you can come up with from there.

#1386426 --- 02/07/13 10:18 AM Re: kodak printer [Re: L EE]
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Yeah, ink is the best place to start troubleshooting.

Remember, all printers are NOT created equally. If color calibration is important (e.g. graphic design and photography), you'll need to look into specialized prosumer and professional models. Printers are only 33% of the equation for proper color management. A high quality display is critical. Finally, display calibrators are also crucial. Don't forget to purchase quality paper too. It can make a HUGE difference.

All of these factors are necessary for professional results, and we're talking BIG $. If, on the other hand, you can get by with typical home results, you should look at photo printers. I would consider models by HP, Canon and Epson. Good color, speed and cost $150 and up.

Ink is also important to consider. If cost is most important, go with a printer that has individual color cartridges. The downside, is that if you don't do regular maintenance and the built-in ink nozzles get plugged, your screwed. Time to buy a new printer.

Combination color cartridges are generally more reliable because, if the nozzles (located on the cartridge itself) become plugged, you just replace the cartridge and problem solved. The downside... FAR more expensive if you print a lot of color (and I mean a LOT more expensive).

Overall, I wouldn't expect much from Kodak printers. They haven't exactly wowed the technology world and many people have expressed serious doubts regarding durability.

Lastly, You will rarely get good results with generic ink cartridges of refill kits. It's very appealing to save money, but the print results for color accuracy is mediocre at best and color-fastness is usually terrible. Remember the most important fact... you get what you pay for. (especially when it comes to computer technology).

Best bet for cheap color printing at home is a brand-name printer, quality display, and good ink and paper. you can skip the calibrator (just don't expect pro results).

Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted By: L EE

for some reason our printer does not print the correct color.

the print looks no where near what the screen is.

the color, is way off. !! could it be the ink, printer, paper

or what ?? thanks

Exactly Timbo more than likely it's your ink cartridges. Once they are taken out of the package and installed,your next step is a cartridge alignment which should last the lifetime of that cartridge,if the test sheet showed a passing quality,you are set to go. Ink cartridges have a tendency to "dry out" especially around the spray jets when not frequently use. We sometimes remove the cartridge and "dab" the jets with 90% alcohol (please do not rub due to the risk of leaving cloth material in the jet's has a 50-50 chance of working.
We've use HP printers for years at work due the fact that they are not obsolete within a short period of time but more so, the print quality is pretty good.

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