County passes law to override tax cap

Lyons, N.Y. —Residents attending the public hearing on a local law to override the 2 percent state-mandated tax cap were disappointed when Wayne County supervisors passed the law in a majority vote.

County Administrator James Marquette, just two weeks ago, told the county Board of Supervisors the county is facing a difficult year and a potential $2 million deficit in the budget; however, recent committee meetings have brought some significant changes to the coming budget — changes that could mean significant job cuts.

As of Saturday, Nov. 3, Marquette said the county was about $700,000 over the tax cap, and that included $500,000 from the fund balance added into the budget. By Monday, Nov. 5, the county was sitting about $50,000 under the tax cap after difficult cuts were made in some departments.

Few residents attended the 11 a.m. public hearing, but those who did asked supervisors to oppose the passage of the law and stay below the 2 percent cap.

Butler Supervisor Dave Spickerman pointed out the county’s “huge rainy day fund,” which he believes should be used. In light of the amount of unpaid taxes, it is obvious residents are struggling, he added.

The local law passed with 874 aye votes; only 704 are needed for a majority vote. Voting no were Spickerman, Lyons Supervisor Brian Manktelow, Rose Supervisor Kenan Baldridge, Savannah Supervisor Michael Kolczynski and Wolcott Supervisor Kim Park.

By Tammy Whitacre, staff writer
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Posted Nov 14, 2012 @ 04:24 PM