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#1363314 --- 09/10/12 11:20 PM Newark-Wayne Hospital lack of cafeteria
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What is up with the hospital? The cafeteria is only open for lunch, when the office people are there.How about breakfast and dinner. I know they are making food for patients, how about a little extra and try selling some? What about the visitors? The snack shop choices are few and far between, and they even like to close early. The snack machines are either empty of not working most of the time. You go in late to visit a patient and can't even go anywhere to buy a cup of coffee. Clifton has a great snack bar, and Geneva has a pretty good cafeteria. Maybe somebody from Newark should check out how the other hospitals run the food concessions. It is supposed to be a convenience for visitors and patients. But it sure isn't being looked at that way by the hospital. And yes, I have made my views known to the correct people, only to be ignored.
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#1364547 --- 09/19/12 08:27 PM Re: Newark-Wayne Hospital lack of cafeteria [Re: Code Red]
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Did you complain to RGH?

#1364580 --- 09/20/12 05:46 AM Re: Newark-Wayne Hospital lack of cafeteria [Re: Cinnamon]
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Never thought I'd see the day when someone would ask for Hospital food! LOL. I doubt they could sell much patient food to visits. Remember -- many patients are on low-salt diets, low calorie diets, soft food diets, clear liquid diets. I'd be passing on buying any of that.