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#1309462 --- 11/28/11 12:37 PM Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do
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#1309573 --- 11/29/11 07:19 AM Re: Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do [Re: FL1 Staff]
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Came across this news article posted just 9 minutes ago. I believe there needs to be more investigation into the head coach and anybody that was affiliated with coaching/staffing the infamous SU Basketball team.

#1309714 --- 11/29/11 08:19 PM Re: Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do [Re: cRaZeD]
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Sounded to me like Mrs. Fine was two sheets to the wind in that tape. And unlike Papa Joe at Penn State, there is no indication Jimmy was given any info about any wrong doing. Please...the 3rd alleged victim is accused of child molestation himself, and his father even says he's a liar. Did Jim commit a faus pas by initially calling the victim a liar? Absolutely. And did he recant and backpeddle too late? Yep. However...there have been NO witnesses who have come forward w/having personally witnessed the alleged abuse by Bernie. And I believe SU took the high road this eve w/no comment about anything but basketball. We are lead to believe that Weber is the almight authority on sports, mods. That's not fair. I respect his opinion, but we're entitled to our opinion.
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#1311263 --- 12/09/11 04:58 PM Re: Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do [Re: Daisy Z Duke]
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I read Webber's editorial letter today and I think Webber ought to go, not Jim. Get real already. People often say things in the heat of the moment - doesn't mean they should be crucified.

#1311281 --- 12/10/11 05:40 AM Re: Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do [Re: LionQueen]
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and Weber has certainly said his share of things in the moment over the years!

#1311324 --- 12/10/11 07:32 PM Re: Weber: Boeheim has some explaining to do [Re: SportsRef1]
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