Monson Buys Home in Florida

WOLCOTT – Mayor John Monson has recently sold his Countryman Road home and bought a house in Florida, on a golf course, he said.

“I’ll be 70 soon; it’s time to think about retiring,” Monson said on Sept. 29 in a telephone conversation from his new residence in Winter Haven.

However, Monson said he will finish out his current term as Wolcott’s mayor, serving through March. He has not closed the sale on his Wolcott home as of yet, but when he does, he plans to have either rented another residence, or even purchased a small one, to meet the residency requirement.

Monson, elected in 2003, will have served eight years, or two terms. He said when he first ran, he promised that he would only serve two terms, that he believed that was an adequate time for someone to hold political office on a local level. He said he still feels that to be true, and even if he did feel a duty to continue to serve, he would not because he would not want to be considered a hypocrite.

Louise Hoffman Broach | Wayuga Staff Writer
Tuesday, October 5 2010