Sempronius man charged with felony for shooting neighbor's dog

A Sempronius man was charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals after he was accused of shooting and killing his neighbor's dog with a bow and arrow.

Kim Stramba said the body of her 1.5-year-old beagle, Lucy, was found by a neighbor on Wednesday, May 26, with an arrow going through her chest and neck.

Stramba said Lucy disappeared on Monday, May 24, after running through an underground electronic fence meant to keep the beagle on her Sayles Corners Road property in Sempronius.

The Cayuga County Sheriff's Office said an investigation revealed that another neighbor, Brian R. Herzog, 39, of 5765 Sayles Corners Road, was upset because the dog would enter his house if he left the back door open and that the dog kept defecating on his property.

Herzog allegedly admitted to deputies that he shot and killed the dog because of those incidents, said Lt. Michael Wellauer.

Aggravated cruelty to animals is a felony under the state's agriculture and markets laws.

Stramba said Herzog never approached her about his problems with Lucy and that Herzog also never called the dog warden.

Stramba added that she also never had problems with any of her other neighbors.

"My dog was as friendly as can be," Stramba said. "She would just go in, say hello and then come back home. I have never talked to him, I have never even seen him. He just keeps to himself."

Wellauer said the arrow as well as additional evidence was seized from Herzog's home and that he was given an appearance ticket for June 6 in the Town of Sempronius Court.

Stramba said Lucy's death has devastated her, her husband and their second dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Harley.

Nate Robson The Citizen | Posted: Tuesday, June 1, 2010 1:17 pm