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#1168852 --- 04/07/10 03:32 AM Spider Help!!
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As the nice weather has arrived so have some lovely new little critters in my new home, SPIDERS! I can't even begin to express my level of dislike for the little creatures! This is my first home and the first time I've come across anything other then your normal house spider (daddy long legs). I don't know if I need to call someone into my home to debug. I'm finding about one of these spiders every day or two. They are about the total size of a nickle. Any thoughts or ideas, I would be very grateful. I've included a picture for your view pleasure. EWWW!


#1168880 --- 04/07/10 09:11 AM Re: Spider Help!! [Re: amandalynn]
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Sneakers without deep treads work really well.

Seriously you can buy sprays, that's what I use. To be proactive, look for spider nests along the edges where your walls and ceiling meet, if you see something that looks like white fuzz or cotton then you found a nest and can swipe it with a broom.
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