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#1325675 --- 02/16/12 05:24 PM Re: Brain tumor [Re: Ghosts]
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Hmnnn...10 pills leave an $800 co-pay...I shudder to think what the full cost is.

If anyone ever needs a heart transplant, try to get the heart of a drug company CEO, because apparently, it'll never have been used.

As always, Mike, hang in there and keep hoping; it can't hurt, and attitude and hope may very well help you.

As I so often do, I'll beat the vitamin D drum, simply because it's so important and so little appreciated. It helps prevent brain cancer, and it can help to cure:

Hormones and Brain Tumors

Vitamin D: Vitamin D deficiency that occurred before birth may have set the stage for brain tumor formation later in life. Vitamin D deficiency during gestation causes long-term effects on brain development (Levenson CW et al 2008).

Vitamin D remains important after birth, as it activates chemical pathways, in particular the sphingomyelin pathway, which kills glioblastoma cells (Magrassi L et al 1998). Vitamin D3, the chemical form of vitamin D made in the skin and sold as a nutritional supplement, calcitriol (1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D), the active form of vitamin D, and various chemical analogs and metabolites of vitamin D, have all been shown to inhibit growth and trigger apoptosis in neuroblastoma and glioma cells (Naveilhan P et al 1994, Baudet C et al 1996, Elias J et al 2003, van Ginkel PR et al 2007).

A 2009 report on brain tumor death statistics from Finland alludes to the benefit of vitamin D. Mortality from brain tumors is highest in patients who were diagnosed and underwent surgery during the late winter, particularly from February to March. This is the time of year when vitamin D levels are at their lowest (Hakko H et al 2009). Similar seasonal variations in cancer survival rates are seen for lung (Porojnicu AC et al 2007), breast (Stajner I et al 2010), and colon cancer (Robinson D 2010). The explanation tendered in all these studies is that in the winter people have lower vitamin D levels and are less capable of fighting the cancer.

Another data analysis from Spain revealed a direct correlation between latitude and brain cancer incidence. The higher the latitude, that is the further from the equator someone lives, the greater their risk for brain cancer (Grant WB et al 2007). The further people live from the equator, the lower their vitamin D levels (Genuis SJ et al 2009).

I'll add that on Jan 3 I bought a sunlamp, after learning that it is vitamin d sulphate that is formed in the skin by action of sunlight, as contrasted with regular vitamin d in foods (tiny amounts in most foods) and supplements.

Vitamin d sulphate cannot be formed in the body, from either supplements or diet. it can only be formed by sunlight. It is water soluable, unlike other forms, so it is easily transported throughout the body. It appears to have different effects than other vitamin d forms.

FI, it is only minimally involved in calcium transport, unlike other forms.

It is the kind found naturally in grass fed cow milk, and is the kind found in human breast milk. This leads some, including me, to think that we are supposed to get just about all of our D from the sun. The fact that, in past studies, only moderate amounts of d have been found in breast milk is one piece of info that historically caused researchers to conclude that we don't need much d, and contributed to the RDA being set far too low.

I side with those who say that vitamin d has been found to at moderate, and I think, woefully insufficient levels, in the average woman's breast milk, simply because the average modern woman, particularly outside of the tropics in which we arose as a species, gets far too little sunlight between + or- two hours of solar noon, and in the summer, to boot, which are the only times that UVB can sufficiently penetrate the atmosphere.

We only came out of Africa not that long ago, and we evolved while getting sun for about half the day apparently; not enough time has elapsed, in terms of evolution, to lessen that dependence on sunlight, and artificial sunlight gives the same benefits, according to everything I've read.

Some may think I digress; if so, I disagree. It is certain that vitamin d will prevent, and even cure, some brain cancers in any given population. What it will do in any given individual, whether it be me, you, or Mike, can't be known, but it's sure worth thinking about, and acting on, I firmly believe.

BTW, the lamp I bought is the Fiji, from Del Sol. It's $320, and is good because it has an electronic ballst (less EMF than magnetic ballast) and because it has fluorescent bulbs, which are safer because cooler.

Two other points:

Sunlight also creates cholesterol sulphate in the skin, which is also water soluable, and which is essential for the heart, among other tissues.

Also, UVA, while not tanning or creating vitamin d, does create nitric oxide in the skin, which dilates blood vessels and thus is good for lowering blood pressure, among other things.

Sorry if I bore anyone, but if I can help just one person with this info, if I can help any one of you to be healthier, or to live even one day longer than you otherwise would, I'll cheerfully keep blathering on. It's the way I'm betting with my own health and continued existence, anyway.

And LOL, even though I've said before that Billy Crystal was wrong, and that it's really how you FEEL that counts...hey, just check out my tan!
If you vote for government, you have no right to complain about what government does.

#1325916 --- 02/17/12 03:18 PM Re: Brain tumor [Re: dachshunds_rule]
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Excellent!!! Be well!!
‎"The winds of grace are always blowing; all we need to do is raise our sails."

#1332486 --- 03/15/12 06:08 AM Re: Brain tumor [Re: dachshunds_rule]
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oh, this topic is simply 'horrible'. i mean i am too sensitive to hear stuff and details about brain tumor, nevermind seeing photos. karla

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