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#1066277 --- 08/18/09 02:53 PM Another sicko!
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Someone ought to tie this loser behind their vehicle and drag him!

PA man arrested for tieing dogs to truck in Chemung Co
Source: Finger Lakes News Radio

Horseheads State Police have arrested a Pennsylvania man accused of tying his dogs to his truck and then driving off. Troopers say it happened yesterday along Park Hill Road in the Chemung County town of Erin when 27 year old Michael Seymour became upset when his pitbulls got away. When the dogs returned, Seymour allegedly tied them to a tree and whipped them with a rope. Seymour then allegedly tied the dogs to the back of his truck and drove around in circles. The dogs suffered minor injuries and are now in the custody of the Chemung County SPCA. Seymour faces animal cruelty charges
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#1066343 --- 08/18/09 05:59 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: Yetta Nother]
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And people wonder why dogs attack.
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#1066374 --- 08/18/09 07:49 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: Bronwyn]
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What an idiot. Hope he gets the max (which I am sure won't be enough).
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#1066663 --- 08/19/09 11:45 AM Re: Another sicko! [Re: Greymane]
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I like Yetta's idea of tying him up to the back of the car and dragging him!
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#1077356 --- 09/16/09 01:01 AM Re: Another sicko! [Re: oops12]
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I'd like to see that. I'd even pay ..and the proceeds could go to the humane society

#1078136 --- 09/17/09 02:43 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: Ringold]
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He'll get just a slap on the hand,They really need to make the charges of animal abuse harder.

#1078318 --- 09/17/09 09:58 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: bustamill]
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Yeah! How about some jail time, with any fines going towards animal protection, rescue, spay/neuter, etc.? How about community service, in addition, such as cleaning stalls for the Beverly AS or the SPCA?
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#1095254 --- 10/28/09 06:50 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: VM Smith]
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his punishment should be the same as he did to those poor dogs..what a loser

#1102501 --- 11/11/09 05:26 PM Re: Another sicko! [Re: oops12]
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i love that idea-people should get the same punishment on one animal or person-- yes great idea