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#1095444 --- 10/28/09 06:56 PM 5yr old BodyBuilder
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This preschooler has abs - and skills - that even men three times his age can't beat.

Giuliano Stroe, a 5-year-old boy from Romania, has gotten himself into the Guinness World Records. His feat? Hand walking. Giuliano performed the fastest-ever 10m (33 feet) hand walk with a weight ball between his legs, the Daily Mail reports.

The boy, who showcased his skills on an Italian TV show, has become a YouTube sensation.

Giuliano has been training since he was 2 in the town in Italy where his family lives.

"He has been going to the gym with me ever since he was born. I always took him with me when I went training," the boy's father, Iulian Stroe, 33, told the paper.

Stroe insists his son's workout schedule isn't excessive.

"He is never allowed to practice on his own. He is only a child, and if he gets tired, we go and play."

Giuliano says his newfound celebrity has not gone to his head. He adds that he still does normal five-year-old activities like watching cartoons and painting.

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man, maybe my 4 yr old should get a boob job. (well, IF I had a 4 yr old). What a couple they would make!!

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Nope...more like borrowing the bull, but not having to put up with the "manure"

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Loc: Herkimer County NY I ahve to get Troy a gym membership as well as set up a college fund? this was sooooo much easier 21 years ago!

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I hate the you tube clip.... the news people are bashing the kid about being motivated, healthy, and determined...yet if he was fat, lazy and watching TV 24/7 like most kids these days they would complain about that too!

I feel it is very obvious the kid ENJOYS it and is not forced into it in any way shape or form! Also if the kids are being forced into it then WHY isn't the hyper kid bouncing around in the background the same way?
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