Five new High Priority Planning grants have been awarded to the Central New York region. One grant, for $50,000, went to the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority to prepare a long-range water supply plan for the southeastern area of Wayne County. The Water and Sewer Authority is proposing to work cooperatively with the Towns of Lyons, Galen Savannah, Butler and Rose, the Villages of Newark, Lyons and Clyde and the Wayne County Industrial Development Agency (WCIDA), along with the Village of Waterloo in Seneca County. The plan will evaluate potential cost savings, increased efficiency and improved services relating to the delivery of public water services within the area on a regional basis.

[In addition] $45,000.. .went to the Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES and the 11 School Districts within Wayne County to explore the concept of Regional High Schools in Wayne County. The study and planning will examine the potential savings, management improvements, and benefits to the community in developing regional high schools. A regional high school is defined as two or more school districts combining their high school programs and retaining separate elementary, and middle school programs, or K-8 programs.

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