Feher Rubbish aptly named

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Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/08/18 11:21 AM

So, for the second consecutive week, Feher Rubbish has failed to do their job....Anyone else having this problem?? It might be time to collectively fire them...I understand vehicle breakdowns, but this is something else...Does anyone know what is going on with them?? About three weeks ago, they didn't pick up the garbage at all, totally skipped our whole neighborhood for an entire week!!!
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Re: Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/09/18 04:48 PM

It sounds like they are having even more issues in Wayne Co., weeks without pick ups & no one answering the phone. I will be switching when the current contract is up!! As a village resident, I have often thought it would make sense to have just 1 provider. That way our streets would not be traveled multiple times per week being serviced by multiple companies, subjecting our streets to more damaged caused by these overweight necessities. Another thought on this subject would be to use a "Yates County" owned company so that at least a portion of the tax dollars generated by the billing process would stay in the County. I know, crazy talk, right?
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Re: Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/11/18 01:49 PM

Feher Rubbish is going out of business.

At close of business on Friday the company, which has existed for more than 50 years will be no more. Cicero Town Supervisor Mark Venesky verified that information with ownership.

“We have 10,200 households in the town of Cicero. This is a health crisis because if we don’t pick up garbage we have a real problem,” said Venesky.

The supervisor hopes to confirm a temporary trash removal company by Friday, but no guarantees had been made.
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Re: Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/21/18 04:04 PM

so what do we do with the Feher tote, cut it up & recycle it?
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Re: Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/29/18 02:15 AM

Check with the new provider. Some are willing to use the Casella toter.
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Re: Feher Rubbish aptly named - 05/29/18 12:49 PM

thanks for the thought
i did, they wouldn't