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Drug House Booby Trapped
Wayne County Sheriff Richard J. Pisciotti Discusses the Ontario Drug Bust

BOOBY TRAPPED DRUG HOUSE (Ontario, N.Y.) - Booby traps and surveillance cameras hid a suspected drug operation in Wayne County for some time before a deputy was was slashed by razor blades when he opened a door.
The undercover officer required stitches but is okay.

Wayne County Sheriff’s deputies received tips about suspected drug activity at the Ontario house, and officers made a buy there a few weeks ago.

Wednesday night they shut the operation down.

Al Decker, who owns the house, said he had no idea it was allegedly used to grow and sell marijuana, according to sheriff’s deputies.

Timothy Doell, 49, had been running a drug operation out of the house on Ridge Road, in Ontario for several months. Deputies said he booby trapped the place to keep everybody out.

“What a lot of people don't realize is, they are putting officers’ lives in danger by setting wire traps,” Wayne County Sheriff Richard Pisciotti said.

"It's really shocking! I had never expected this,” said Decker. “He probably figured he would pay the rent each month and keep me away; that's what he did."

Sheriff’s deputies say the project was an elaborate multi-stage growing operation.

They confiscated 250 marijuana plants [ten pounds of marijuana] $9,000 in cash and illegal weapons.

Doell is now being held in jail on felony drug charges in addition to charges of assault and reckless endangerment.