Posted by: Crazy

Lifecare - 10/11/18 07:09 PM

Has anyone else noticed how things have changed at Lifecare ? When Dr.Ryan was still there the staff was very friendly and helpful.Now their front desk girls don't seem to smile or act as if they couldn't care.Please they use to give samples to their patient.Now after a few times they tell you that they can not give you anymore.Dr.Ryan always made sure that if you could not afford Medication , he would make sure that you ad at least 2 months of samples or give you a coupon.Forget it now, Lifecare does not do either.I understand that some people use the system so all Doctor's offices are careful when giving out samples.But a lot people just can't afford the medication now days.I believe that Lifecare is just doing what FingerLakes Health wants them to do .And forget that they should be help their patients get better, instead of not caring,like they uses to.Some medications cost over $30 a month and this is even with insurance. My question is how in the world can the people who are on Medicare afford their medication.It does not seem right that Lifecare starts giving them samples or gives them a coupon to help.Then after awhile they stop all together.
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Re: Lifecare - 10/12/18 09:18 AM

Lifecare went downhill as soon as Geneva General bought it.
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Re: Lifecare - 10/16/18 07:08 AM

I have been going there for many years. I still get samples and I still find everyone friendly.