Geneva General Closing

Posted by: DirtyHarry

Geneva General Closing - 12/18/18 12:40 AM

I just heard that Geneva hospital is closing 2 more floors. The inpatient mental health in Penn Yan and acute rehab in Geneva is closing within a month. And they are doing very little to help their long employees find suitable placements within the hospital. Once again, the management cares nothing about their employees or their community. Mental health is very much needed, now we will have more people on the streets that need help. I hope a bigger hospital takes them over soon. I feel bad for the employees who are being shoved wherever they can find jobs because they aren't helping them. Shame on you!
Posted by: Tacitus

Re: Geneva General Closing - 12/21/18 10:56 AM

Add to this the closure of the lab on Pre-Emption Road which opened early and was so convenient. I was re-directed to the hospital's lab where it cost a $40 co-pay just to walk through the door.
Posted by: Here's Johnny

Re: Geneva General Closing - 12/24/18 07:34 PM

It is the result of for profit health care. Hospitals can hardly make money. The sources of cash are imaging, surgury, and medicines. Everything else drains money.
Posted by: Deepblue5562

Re: Geneva General Closing - 01/13/19 10:36 PM

GGH sucks. Sucks to be a patient and it sucks to be in their employ.