Are you blind???

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Are you blind??? - 09/13/18 08:28 PM

Geneva has a drug and Welfare problem no-one seems to want to address - they just mention those Mom & Pop stores (and yes, I support them totally!!)

WELFARE $$$$???? follow it!!! It will surprise you!!
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Re: Are you blind??? - 09/21/18 11:32 PM

Are you trying to communicate? Sober up.
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Re: Are you blind??? - 09/22/18 02:55 PM

Still waiting for a response regarding library tax.
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Re: Are you blind??? - 09/27/18 08:04 AM

a: what a horrible thing to say about someone you do not know

b: you will wait a LONG time for the $$ amount on library tax...the point is not the dollar amount, it's the percentage - 12% may not mean a lot to you, but it means a great deal to a senior.

"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him."--John, Viscount Morley On Compromise, 1874.
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Re: Are you blind??? - 09/27/18 01:05 PM

Last time I looked we all paid our bills in dollars, not percent. It's the percent that's meaningless without the dollar base to calculate from. The rate went from $.72 to $.80, (which is an 11.1% increase) but it's also only 8 cents. So on a home assessed at $100K it's an increase from $72 to $80. None of this takes into account STAR or Senior STAR if your income is low enough. The extra $8 per year would not seem to justify such a reaction.