Alkaline Battery Recycling?

Posted by: VitaDelGatto

Alkaline Battery Recycling? - 08/20/14 11:07 PM

Does anyone know of a recycling drop-off location for alkaline batteries in Seneca County? Seems not right to just throw them away...

In looking online, I only found one site (for NY) that says they can be thrown away(?)

Alkaline batteries
Examples: The run of the mill Duracells, Energizers, or what have you. Since the mid-1990s, these batteries have not included mercury. As a result, most trash haulers (example: the city of Albany) will just tell you to chuck 'em in the regular trash.
That's not to say they can't be recycled, but we get the impression there aren't a lot of places that take them for recycling (except in California). Here's a website that says it lists drop-off spots.
If you know of any local spots where you can drop off alkaline batteries for recycling, please share.

So, should I just chuck 'em?
Posted by: bluezone

Re: Alkaline Battery Recycling? - 08/21/14 06:49 AM

Address: 122 N. Genesee St.
Geneva , NY 14456
Phone: (315) 759-5120

not sure if they accept those items
if they do not then they may know who does