Kunstler's garden, Pt. II

Posted by: VM Smith

Kunstler's garden, Pt. II - 12/08/13 03:43 AM

I previously posted his article on starting the garden, in 2012. This is about the updates, progress, and results in 2013. He's been a busy and productive guy, particularly considering his health problems. He's got great friends to help, though.

Sigh...I feel pretty good about my garden...until I look at his. Mind you, I still feel...okay, but it sure dampens any urge I might have to brag. \:\)

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Re: Kunstler's garden, Pt. II - 12/08/13 06:16 PM

After viewing the attachment all I can say is wow!!!!
Trying to get Cindy to do a garden. I use lots of mulch,fish,
keeping it all natural as can be. Gardening is a very healthy way to stay occupied.
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Re: Kunstler's garden, Pt. II - 12/08/13 09:53 PM

I don't post it to be cruel, and make anyone feel like a slacker gardener. I do it because it's beautiful and inspiring, especially at the time of year when I look out of the window, and everything's dead or dormant. And, cheerful view wise, the difference doesn't matter; dormant can look pretty dead. Although, if I had a choice, I might personally prefer to go dormant.

JK uses a lot of good ideas that could be used as they are, or adapted.

There's probably a link in that to the earlier article, on beginning the garden, in 2012. I found that quite interesting, too.
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Re: Kunstler's garden, Pt. II - 12/08/13 10:02 PM

If you're ever in Geneva, drive up William Street. About halfway up the first block (heading west) you'll see a house on the south side set far back. They have turned their entire front yard into a garden. It is simply amazing.