Snow Plowing

Posted by: Eliza

Snow Plowing - 11/15/13 01:52 AM

Looking for someone to snowplow for us near Chiropractic College. Needs to be early morning around 5:30-6am. Thanks.
Posted by: MCK

Re: Snow Plowing - 11/15/13 02:19 AM

I sent you a private message.
Posted by: Carerinoa

Re: Snow Plowing - 11/15/13 07:17 PM

Thurstons ... 952-9123
Posted by: young guns

Re: Snow Plowing - 11/18/13 03:03 AM

who cares? We don't need no stinkin snow! I want our very short summer back.
Posted by: *Sparkey*

Re: Snow Plowing - 11/26/13 09:53 PM

We have used Dan's for 2 winters now..this will be our third and he was right out here the other morning plowing our driveway before we had to go out.