Posted by: zipdrive

Topsoil - 04/27/13 05:58 PM

Where near SF does one call to have 5 pr 6 yards of topsoil delivered? Thanks!
Posted by: Ranger

Re: Topsoil - 04/28/13 05:40 AM

Montmoreno over in Clyde
Posted by: Spanky

Re: Topsoil - 04/28/13 02:41 PM

Perotta's (sp) on Black Brook Road in S.F. About a mile out of town on the right side.
Posted by: zipdrive

Re: Topsoil - 04/29/13 08:15 AM

Thanks! I'll check them out.
Posted by: Dr117

Re: Topsoil - 04/29/13 12:45 PM

Emmerson Smith SF I think Troy st,Retired milkman
Posted by: zipdrive

Re: Topsoil - 04/30/13 06:10 AM

Thanks, Dr. Would it be 28 VanCleef St perhaps?
Posted by: zipdrive

Re: Topsoil - 05/02/13 12:56 PM

Just got a delivery of topsoil from Fran Perrotto out on Black Brook Rd. Called him last night and he came today. Nice guy. Soil looks rocks or debris. I hope it doesn't have a lot of weed seeds! Thanks for the tip, Spanky.