Hard water stains

Posted by: tezzer59

Hard water stains - 01/23/10 01:24 PM

Hi! I need some help. We have very very hard water and it is ruining my bathroom counter. I have tried everything and nothing works. What use to be a green counter is now pretty much white. Any suggestions?
Posted by: Ranger

Re: Hard water stains - 01/23/10 02:25 PM

do you have a softener system?

there are products like CLR, Ironout, etc but they maybe as harsh as the hard water
Posted by: Hope and Faith

Re: Hard water stains - 01/23/10 03:19 PM

Try vinegar and baking soda. Not sure if it will work, but I use it for everything else and it cleans great (you can also add a little detergent in it also). I have a recipe if you want it.
Posted by: pepper

Re: Hard water stains - 01/23/10 04:00 PM

try KRC7. Not sure what your counter is made of so try a small spot first.
Posted by: tezzer59

Re: Hard water stains - 01/24/10 01:15 PM

I don't have a softener because everyone in the neighborhood say the well water is too hard for them to make any difference. Yes I would like the recipe Hope and Faith, and I never heard of KRC7, I've tried all the others. Thanks everyone.
Posted by: pepper

Re: Hard water stains - 01/24/10 01:45 PM

you can get it at plumbing supply places. probably HEP would have it. It is pretty strong.
Posted by: VM Smith

Re: Hard water stains - 01/24/10 05:57 PM


Pure vinegar. Use just a sponge or rag, if you don't have a spray bottle. You can recycle a spray bottle, or buy a good one, where the pump will last a while, at NAPA, for just $2-3.

Vinegar and baking soda makes a good scrubbing past for some things, such as kitchen counter stains, and is nice because it's not too damagingly abrasive, as are some scouring powders.

But, for hard water stains, which are mostly calcium, you don't want to neutralize the acetic acid with the baking soda; you want the full strength acetic acid to dissolve the alkaline calcium.

Best thing is to keep a spray bottle handy, and use it as your regular cleaner, to keep the hard water stains from building up. One advantage of vinegar is that it won't hurt your hands, so you don't need gloves. Heck, you can drink the stuff.

Vinegar will kill 99% of the germs on a floor; I imagine it will do a pretty good job of that on a toilet or sink, too. I use a spray stream on my floor, to. I just walk around squirting it on the floor, then use a wet mop.

Best way to clean a microwave is to put a small dish of vinegar in, heat for a few minutes, then wipe down. I've found the cheapest place to buy gallons of white vinegar is Sav-A-Lot. Get several gallons at a time, and use freely.

It acts as a water softener (neutralizes the calcium in the water), so if you add to laundry, you need less soap, it cleans better, and the soap rinses out better, and it stops the dingy soap scum buildup which can be noticeable on whites, so you don't have to bleach as often. Once it evaporates, in the dryer or on the line, it leaves no odor. Don't use brown vinegar; it stains. There are many sites online, with titles like "101 uses for vinegar'. They'll tell you what concentrations to use, and when to mix with other things, such as soap, for different jobs. Useful, versatile, cheap, nontoxic, and effective stuff!
Posted by: pepper

Re: Hard water stains - 01/25/10 07:12 PM

Interlaken has terribly hard water. I've started adding 1 cup of white vinegar to my dishwasher every other load or so. It has done an amazing job making my glasses sparkle again.
Posted by: jack o'shea

Re: Hard water stains - 03/13/10 03:24 AM

check into a water softener,not to expensive saves alot of work,we have very hard water.check home depot,lowes for good cleaners(clr or others)
Posted by: Lori

Re: Hard water stains - 04/11/10 03:51 PM

We had terribly hard water and were told even with a softener we would have problems. I found a Sears water softener in the paper for $50. It was fairly new, the owner had gotten city water and did not need it anymore. I then picked up an iron filter for free fm someone else. I have excellent water now and have just added a reverse osmosis. After over 25 yrs I can drink my hoie water. I still have some water stainig but not bad.