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Fatalities - 01/31/20 07:44 PM

Study shows increase in traffic fatalities in states where marijuana has been legalized
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What studies...where? Please cite your reference. Thank you.
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CNN.com › health
States that legalized recreational weed see increase in car accidents, studies say · In its report, the board says that there has been an increase in the ... involving fatalities, states that have legalized recreational use ..
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Study shows increase in traffic fatalities in states where marijuana has been legalized

Appreciate you raising this issue bluezone. Many variables as new studies surface.

Traffic deaths rose, then fell, after three states legalized marijuana
But that’s not the entire story

The Verge
By Angela Chen@chengela
Feb 5, 2019

Traffic deaths rose temporarily in three states that approved recreational marijuana, according to a new study. This research is the latest attempt to untangle the question of whether legal marijuana makes the roads more dangerous.

Currently, 33 states have legalized medical marijuana and 10 have legalized recreational marijuana. Though the public is increasingly accepting of cannabis, experts worry about negative public health effects, given a growing body of research that says marijuana impairs driving abilities and the fact that there’s no accurate way to measure how impaired someone is from cannabis. A study published today in the journal Addiction found that, on average, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington state (all of which have legalized medical marijuana) had about one additional traffic death per million residents. The same effect was true for the neighboring states, probably because people drive across state lines to buy cannabis. In total, there were about 170 extra deaths in the first six months after legalization.

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(CNN)Around the world tens of millions of people use cannabis.

It's legal for recreational use in 11 US states and Canada. In these and some other places, it's also approved to treat some medical conditions.

But a new analysis highlights that the debate over marijuana's health risks and benefits is complicated and depends on the active compounds involved.

A review of existing research published Tuesday found that a single dose of the main psychoactive ingredient (THC) in cannabis -- equal to one joint -- in otherwise healthy people, can temporarily induce psychiatric symptoms, including those associated with schizophrenia.