What do you think?

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What do you think? - 12/09/04 03:43 PM

I think anyone who has kids in today's world is nuts!


Court: Mom's Eavesdropping Violated Law

SEATTLE - Striking a blow for rebellious teenagers, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that state law prohibits parents from eavesdropping on a child's phone conversations.

The case reached the high court because of a purse-snatching. A 17-year-old boy was convicted of the robbery, in part on testimony from his girlfriend's mother, who overhead him discussing the crime on the phone with her daughter.

The daughter had taken a cordless phone into her bedroom and closed the door. In another room, her mother pressed the speakerphone button on an extension, listened in and took notes.

The court ruled that the daughter and her boyfriend had a reasonable expectation of privacy on the phone. Washington state law prohibits intercepting or recording conversations without the consent of all participants.

"The Washington privacy statute puts a high value on the privacy of communications," Justice Tom Chambers wrote in the unanimous opinion...........

The boyfriend will get a new trial.

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Re: What do you think? - 12/09/04 03:49 PM

Even I think that's outrageous.
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Do you really believe that SC.I take it you and the mrs. don't have any...?
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Do you really believe that SC.I take it you and the mrs. don't have any...?


I have one son who recently got his Ph.D degree.
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 06:28 AM

I stand corrected. I also remember thinking that befor I got married back in the eighties.but alas had two girls. the next generation may be the oness to solve the world's problems and find new cures.Some people just should not have kids at all.this mother went to the extreme
don't you think?
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I think it was a phone in the parents home she had all the right in the world, the court is completely nuts.
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would not that be hearsay though?
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 06:36 AM

No it shows that the lady listened in on a phone conversation which if that was wrong obviously the dirtbag was guilty of stealing the purse.

The judge wrote in unanimous opinion....With who?????? Himself?
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I have a speakerphone and the dang thing is very loud.couldn't the daughter hear it?It would squeal in her ear if nothing else and maybe the mother had a reason for not trusting the daughter.some times you have to eaves drop on your kids.my girls learned along time ago privacy to a certain degree unless I feel it could possibly hurt them.
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i have three girls. all under 10 though-- im in big trouble. Anythign ever happened like that i would rip her butt out of school so fast and homeschool even if it hurt. the worst thing you can do to a teenager is take away their social life. The rule at my house is abuse it and lose it.
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 08:29 AM

If the mom was already leery of the bf I could understand it. I had a bf that mom didnt trust at all... I know she listened in a few times when he called. Its not interfering with her "private" life- its keeping her safe! You're 17- guess what- you're still your parents' responsibility. You have no real PRIVATE life. (Believe me, I know that one.)
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 09:48 AM

Believe me, I listen in once in awhile to my 13 year old's conversations. I let her know it too! Too much quacky stuff going on these days and there are some kids that I really do not trust. Although most of her friends are good kids. It's her boyfriend, seems a bit jealous and sometimes that worries me a bit.
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 11:06 AM

I watched this issue being discussed by the lawyers involved in this case on the Today Show this morning. I don't believe they can punish the mother for doing this. The bigger issue is using the evidence in court. However it was mentioned that the mother may be sued by the boy because of the damages done to him. So if the mother had eavesdropped but didn't notify the police there would have been no way to charge the mother, not that she has even been charged now.
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About five years ago, we had just bought a scanner and hooked it up, we were searching channels when all of a sudden I heard my daughter's voice on it! It was the cordless she was on outside talking to her then boyfriend and swearing up a storm...and complaining as I would not move her curfew up to 10 pm on school nights! She was really mad at me about it, and then they were talking all schmoozy to each other (not sexual) and we were laughing so hard we never heard her come in until she walked in and heard herself on the scanner...totally mortified she ran up to her room. She laughed about it later. But, I learned to respect her privacy a little bit more....ok, may be not. A couple of years later, I picked up the down stairs extension and she was talking to her boyfriend that even though her arm hurt, she was still picking up her room. I KNEW what she had on the arm..a tattoo! Do not ask me how I knew it was that, but I did. I called her downstairs and asked her to remove her sweatshirt she had over a tank top...she refused. I said "Ok, well..we can do this my way where you remove the sweat shirt...ORRRR...I can treat you like a two year old and strip you in the bathroom...and do not think I wont!" She dropped her mouth open and removed the sweat shirt...low and behold..a Gothic cross in Indigo blue...done by her friend that was working as an appretice to a tattoo artist....grrrr. Kids...gotta love 'em. But does this now make me a criminal????
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Re: What do you think? - 12/10/04 06:22 PM

Nope you're not a criminal - you're a caring mom! It's good to be caring and sometimes I think more could be like us
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MY question is why did the DA allow her on the stand to begin with?What were they thinking?Wouldn't they have known
her testimony was no good?
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Re: What do you think? - 12/11/04 11:14 AM

What are the laws in Washington?

Perhaps they are no longer considered a minor after they turn 17. Remember the law New York just changed 2 yrs ago..... A child could leave at 16, be on their own ect, but now it is 18. Unless emancipated by the court OR a parent themselves a child is considered a minor until the age of 18 whether they reside with their parents or not. An law enforcement has to bring the child hom if requested by the parent, whereas before if the child was 17 and living elsewhere the child did not have to be brought home......
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Re: What do you think? - 12/11/04 11:46 AM

See Rascal, I think this is what is wrong with the system. Ok, this young juvenile steals someone's purse, which last time I knew was against the law. This woman listens to a phone conversation that was happening IN her house on a phone that I am sure she pays for. Then this young punk is thinking of suing her for ruining him??? didn't he ruin himself when he started breaking the law??? This is where I just don't get it! If I was the lawyer, I would laugh at the brat and if I was the judge I would tell him to pay his time for stealing someone else property! HELLO! man teenagers have nerve!
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Ok, but let's change the situation here for a minute....

What would happen if it was this woman's 17yr old sister that was on the phone in her home (pretend the 17y/o didn't live there) and she heard this when she listened in.....The lawyer proably would not have put her on the stand then.

I'm not saying I agree with what happened I don't. But there are a few small things that need to be know in the story and aren't. Like what age the child starts having rights.....
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Re: What do you think? - 12/11/04 12:03 PM

A child starts to have rights when they are adults, when they move out, when they pay for their own bills, when they can be responsible for their actions and pay for them.
I am teasing you moody.... I don't know, that is a good question, but I think I have to believe that if you broke the law, you deserve to get punished.. now should they only take this woman's word for it, they she heard something on the telephone??? not sure about that, I think as a lawyer, I would ask for more proof, did they find the purse in his posession? did they get a description from the person that had the purse stolen from her? did they find any of the items in the purse, in the possession of this kid? hmmmmm
kid will probably get off
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Re: What do you think? - 12/11/04 12:55 PM

Lets modify this situation a bit, lets say this guy confesses to an unsolved murder on the phone. Would he get off on the charges?

I say if the phone is in the mothers name she has every right to listen to, tape, or any other thing she might want to do. This is why our world is soo screwed up.
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Re: What do you think? - 12/11/04 03:01 PM

This is something I received by e-mail. I thought it to be quite appropriate to this topic. It's kind of long, but worth reading til the end. Enjoy!!!


My son came home from school one day,
with a smirk upon his face.
He decided he was smart enough,
to put me in my place.

Guess what I learned in Civics Two,
that's taught by Mr. Wright?
It's all about the laws today,
The "Children's Bill of Rights."

It says I need not clean my room,
don't have to cut my hair.
No one can tell me what to think,
or speak, or what to wear.

I have freedom from religion,
and regardless what you say,
I don't have to bow my head,
and I sure don't have to pray.

I can wear earrings if I want,
and pierce my tongue and nose.
I can read and watch just what I like,
get tattoos from head to toe.

And if you ever spank me,
I'll charge you with a crime.
I'll back up all my charges,
with the marks on my behind.

Don't you ever touch me,
my body's only for my use,
not for your hugs and kisses,
that's just more child abuse.

Don't preach about your morals,
like your Mama did to you.
That's nothing more than mind control,
And it's illegal too!

Mom, I have these children's rights,
so you can't influence me,
or I'll call Children's Services Division,
better known as C.S.D.

Of course my first instinct was
to toss him out the door.
But the chance to teach him a lesson
made me think a little more.

I mulled it over carefully,
I couldn't let this go.
A smile crept upon my face,
he's messing with a pro.

Next day I took him shopping
at the local Goodwill Store.
I told him, "Pick out all you want,
there's shirts and pants galore.

I've called and checked with CS.D.
who said they didn't care
if I bought you K-Mart shoes
instead of those Nike Airs.

I've canceled that appointment
to take your driver's test.
The C.S.D. is unconcerned
so I'll decide what's best.

I said "No time to stop and eat,
or pick up stuff to munch.
And tomorrow you can start to learn
to make your own sack lunch.

Just save the raging appetite,
and wait till dinner time.
We're having liver and onions,
a favorite dish of mine."

He asked "Can I please rent a movie,
to watch on my VCR?"
"Sorry, but I sold your TV,
for new tires on my car.

I also rented out your room,
you'll take the couch instead.
The C.S.D. requires
just a roof over your head.

Your clothing won't be trendy now,
I'll choose what we eat.
That allowance that you used to get,
will buy me something neat.

I'm selling off your jet ski,
dirt-bike and roller blades.
Check out the "Parents Bill of Rights,"
It's in effect today!

Hey hot shot, are you crying,
Why are you on your knees?
Are you asking God to help you out,
instead of C.S.D..?"

Send to all people that have teenagers or have already
raised teenagers, or have children who will soon be
teenagers or those who will be parents someday OR

MOM (Mean Old Mother)
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Re: What do you think? - 12/13/04 12:11 PM

I have received this also by email before Elmo, I think its great!
Posted by: sweetglory

Re: What do you think? - 12/13/04 07:00 PM


A child starts to have rights when they are adults, when they move out, when they pay for their own bills, when they can be responsible for their actions and pay for them.

not according to the law.kids can leave home at 16.(and you have to pay untill they are 21).as long as they have aroof over thier head,clothes on thier back and food in thier mouth,they will not make them come home.
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Re: What do you think? - 01/06/05 07:02 PM

I have heard that law has been changed. As long as you haven't kicked them out and you have told them they have a home and bed at your house, then you aren't responsible for them if they decide to leave. If you have kicked them out, well, then that is different story.