Unwanted Win 10 icon

Posted by: Aces_Up

Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/08/15 04:25 PM

I have Windows 7 and I get this icon on the lower right on my task bar to upgrade to Windows 10 if I want to. I don't so I go "Customize" to stop the icon and all from showing each time I start up my laptop. I do select "Hide icon and notifications" then click okay but it still comes back. Why is this not working?

Posted by: Josephus

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/08/15 06:04 PM

Because Microsoft wants you to upgrade to Windows 10. I would assume that they've engineered their software so that you can't get rid of that icon.

Every Windows user gets that icon. If you don't want the upgrade, don't click on the icon. I haven't either. I'll wait until Windows 10 gets properly field tested, and even then probably won't upgrade until Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.
Posted by: Aces_Up

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/08/15 07:30 PM

I see. I just did not want to see the icon there.. lol I know that the more icons on the right side takes up more resources or something like that. Thanks
Posted by: DR. D

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/08/15 07:34 PM

Its free for the first year it is out, you got time.

If you really feel that you are not going to take it I can easily tell you how to remove it.

***Doing so may cause you not to be able to take the free upgrade and may well cause the earth to fall out of its planetary orbit and plunge directly into the sun... its your dollars.

First open Windows Update and click “Installed Updates” in the bottom-left corner.

Find KB3035583, you can sort by name. Once you’ve located it, right-click and choose “Uninstall”.

When you select to uninstall this update, you’ll be asked to confirm and then you will need to restart your computer

it will be gone, until you download and install the next round of windows updates...then it could very well come back.
Posted by: DR. D

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/08/15 07:36 PM

not true in this case its a reminder of the free upgrade that is coming July 29th
Posted by: Aces_Up

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/09/15 07:51 AM

laugh Your too funny.
Anyway, thanks, it is gone and I am in one piece. wink
Posted by: Timbo

Re: Unwanted Win 10 icon - 07/09/15 11:41 AM

Don't get comfortable. You're running Windows... yooou'll be back. grin wink