very disturbing!

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very disturbing! - 05/29/09 03:30 PM

watch if you can....... \:o

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Re: very disturbing! - 05/29/09 04:23 PM

I am afraid that I cannot watch anything someone described as disturbing. It's like being beckoned to smell milk gone bad when it was already confirmed.
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Re: very disturbing! - 06/01/09 03:47 PM

I like that show. I spent a whole Sunday afternoon watching The Lost Tapes. Very creepy/interesting stuff...
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Re: very disturbing! - 06/02/09 02:13 AM was a bit disturbing.
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Re: very disturbing! - 06/02/09 04:37 AM

What's disturbing is that the guy was nuts enough to go there alone, and without a gun and rations. Even the average Boy Scout would have more sense.

Good Lord, I hope he didn't have the opportunity to breed more more potential voters and drivers.

Unfortunately, some probably thought he was way cool, and some of those were probably fertile women.

When I consider how my species thinks, I usually want to bang my head against a wall.

LOL. Put me in there with the full kit: Baited traps, punji pits, .375 mags, bearers, porters, generators, air conditioned Winnebago, etc., etc..

I'll have that puppy reduced to steaks on a grill within a week....betcha it'd be as good as rattler...

Some fools just don't know how to really do up a TV show....

I'd be famous...Eddie Baur would be selling a signature model Smitty hat. I'd be doing a Michael Phelps style chicks would be laying primo weed on me....

Sigh.....nah, they'll probably send another fool in there with a jack knife, 3 toothpicks, 2 sticks of chewing gum, and a prayer and a dream.....

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Re: very disturbing! - 06/02/09 07:33 PM

I couldn't find the link...
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Re: very disturbing! - 06/02/09 09:30 PM

Originally Posted By: greenelf
I couldn't find the link...

It's the link called disturbing on it.

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watch if you can....... \:o