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NASCAR - 09/10/13 03:21 PM

So what do you NASCAR fans think about MWR and the Richmond Race? Punishment fair or should it have been more severe?
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So what do you NASCAR fans think about MWR and the Richmond Race? Punishment fair or should it have been more severe?

stopped paying close attention to NASCAR after Mike Helton took the reigns and started injecting political correctness.....if you watch the races the stands are not full much so that on TV, the network cameras hardly pan through the crowds in the stands's hardly affordable to attend them and NASCAR has made it so cosly for teams that some weeks they struggle to field 43 cars.....their punishment of MWR was probably sufficient but who knows.....
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To be honest with you, I've been to many sporting events and I will say the number of people that attend NASCAR events sure outweighs any number I've ever witnessed attending other sporting events. I've been to more than just Watkins Glen so I know that other places get as or more crowded than even Watkins Glen during NASCAR weekend. Also, many racetracks are affordable, much more than a football ticket to attend a race. Poconos and Richmond, you can pick tickets up in the $40-$50 range and they're very decent seats. We've noticed that Watkins Glen tickets are the higher priced tickets. However you also need to remember that you do get a four day admission to the track with the purchase of your weekend ticket. Therefore, is really that much $$$ compared to a one day sporting event? I don't think so, I think it's less when you think about it.

As for MWR, no I don't think it was fair at all the way they handled the penalty. I'm sorry, but just by reviewing a tape, they accuse the team of purposely causing an accident for the points lead? Come on...what about all the other stupid and uncalled incidents in the past, what about Joey Logano purposely crashing Denny Hamlin and putting him in the hospital? He blatantly came right out and said that he did it purposely, he never denied it. All Joey received was a little slap on his hand. It's a bunch of BS if you ask me. Unless you can clearly define that the accident was intentionally planned and something was overheard by the NASCAR officials, well then that's another story. But, accusing a team of such is just wrong in my opinion!!!
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It's a professional sport and nothing is going to change when the cash is flowing. Pat offs do exist. Cheating etc.
NASCAR is beginning to suck any more.
It is what it is. Just another dirty sport.
Newman after his last big crash said "If NASCAR would only get their heads out of their asses nothing was going to change"
I do believe that was his 2nd major crash this year.
Even the Bow Tie Boy cheats just like the rest.
Penalties should of been a bit more harsh for all.
Team owners to the max.JMH
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after todays investigations Jeff Gordan is in the race.
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Originally Posted By: Dr117
after todays investigations Jeff Gordan is in the race.

maybe they should just re-run the whole season of this dying sport!
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Sad thing is for years this crap has been going on.
Only problem is they all got caught this round.
Dying yes just check out the stands when the cameras start to roam accidently. I only see half of the attendance as there were yrs back. There's more money being spent for those on the take then one could imagine. NASCAR there's a lot of money flowing around that's unknown. Ever wonder what a 4 member team has to cost, the cross racing with the trucks with some of the same drives. It's became a dirty deed sport all together and that's a real shame. Money making makes crooks out of them all.
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I heard today that Nappa Auto Parts is leaving MWR at the end of the year. It was the result of what happened at the Richmond Race. I am wondering is Aarons far behind??? Just ssking.
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I wouldn't be to shocked if they also dropped out of it?
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After reading more about it as time went on. It truly does upset me and I now see why NASCAR has taken the action they did. It's pretty sad and a darn shame that teams have to be like this. However, I truly like Michael Waltrip, my son has been a fan of him for years and now Martin Truex, Jr. We met them both and they are truly great people who take the time to talk with the kids and shake their hands, sign their hats and actually speak personally with them about what they wanted to be when they grew up, how old they were, where they were from, etc...Some drivers are not as cordial as that, they sign, they're gone. I'm still not so sure that the whole team was in on this or this was something that Clint Bowyer did himself. Of course, hubby's a Clint Bowyer fan so I was able to really rant on him about his cheating driver ;\)