Create More Interest in Baseball

Posted by: Brooklyn

Create More Interest in Baseball - 01/11/05 08:12 AM

TOP TEN Ways to Create More Interest in Baseball
by David Letterman

10. Instead of grabbing themselves, switch-hitters must grab each other.
9. New tradition: pantsless 7th-inning stretch.
8. Outlaw cups, and award one run for each direct hit.
7. Every game, one lucky fan gets to marry and divorce Larry King.
6. Between innings, Diamondvision shows the Frank Gifford video.
5. When a batter strikes out, he has to swallow his chewing tobacco.
4. Instead of designated hitters, designated lesbians.
3. Four words: anatomically correct "Philly Phanatic."
2. Box score includes number of times player has nailed Madonna.
1. Replace ballboy with an overcaffeinated monkey.
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Re: Create More Interest in Baseball - 01/12/05 04:28 PM


MLBaseball needs to get new younger fans
or it will suffer greatly. For one thing,
I'm taken aback by the lack of players of
African ancestry, are there no black Americans
playing baseball anymore ?
I waited in line last Saturday at Hammond Stadium
here in fort Myers to buy tickets for some Twins
spring games. Of the many people there, maybe 3
under age 40 ! When all of us "old schoolers" are
gone-- who'll be paying the bills for these
multi-millionaires ??
Posted by: Elliot Offen

Re: Create More Interest in Baseball - 01/15/05 07:07 AM

That's a good question... Baseball is by far the slowest of the big 3 sports (Hockey doesn't count anymore, and Nascar isn't a sport, but enough about that)
Baseball is a more cerebral sport, and todays kids want instant action, instant gratification, bone crushing hits... God forbid you go 4-5 pitches without a homerun!
I think Baseball would be the perfect thing for todays kids. Teach them to slow down and think for a while.

I hadn't noticed the lack of African Americans. I will check that out. Interesting point.
Posted by: Dubya

Re: Create More Interest in Baseball - 01/24/05 12:42 AM

Baseball probably won't increase its viewership among the 18 and under crowd anytime soon, but I don't see that as a problem. As a kid, i didn't have a particular interest in MLB either, preferring the NBA first and the NFL second. But as I grew older (and hopefully wiser) I began to realize the beauty of baseball. I think you'll see alot more of that. As each generation comes of age they'll slowly get turned on to baseball. It will always be primarily 40 year olds, but a revolving door of 40 years olds.
Posted by: Dubya

Re: Create More Interest in Baseball - 01/24/05 12:43 AM

As for blacks, there was recently a great article about the declining popularity of baseball among African American youth as well as in general. It was a few months back in Sports Illustrated, I'll see if I can find it.