Before Trump's impeachment

Posted by: Formermac

Before Trump's impeachment - 09/02/18 12:36 PM

Yes Trump will be impeached and he knows it, thus the reason(s) for all this nonsense. Give him a 10 for not laying down and admitting guilt but a big fat F for all the failures over the last 2 years. You Trump supporter just confirmed a total failure within your own postings by acknowledging only a great economy, which was actually created by Obama( You know that as well) So in your final analogy, what is there to brag about in regard to Trump? when everything he does, we as children were spanked on our little hineys, had our mouths washed out with soap for swearing and lying, as adults , we called the cops on suspicious activity, told our children to stay away from molesters etc. Now in this new amazing day of new revelations and open mindedness, we find that Mom and Dad were entirely wrong and screwed us up by forcing ethics, morals and value upon our pathetic lives. NICE TRY!!!!!!! laugh
Posted by: Formermac

Re: Before Trump's impeachment - 09/02/18 01:01 PM

I can't say that I'm sorry for the demise of the term WASP(White Anglo Saxon Protestant) For entirely too long, that premise gave old White men the false impression that they and they only had the right to run this country. As we approach the end of summer and beginning of midterms, how many women are running for political office, while we see Blacks & White under the age of 40 making monumental advancements? My point? Once again, you've proven your negative connotations which places your women in the position of being barefoot, pregnant and uneducated. I could give a rat's behind as to the ethnicity or gender of the POTUS or political affiliate as long as they do their job in a respectful and effective manner, apparently something not required in the Trump arena. whistle
I have a solution for your worries and fears

Educated your daughters on the ills of consorting with young men that are non White because a closer look at the demographics shows a new ethnic group which falls neither under the category of predominantly being Black-White-Hispanic- Italian but BIRACIAL...guess who is running the country efficiently? not a WASP, evident by one Donald J. Trump. In summary, some of you are willing to destroy the country because you can't control it...once again...I introduce to you, Donald J. Trump.