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Originally Posted By: scwoodchuckSOME PEOPLE IN SENECA FALLS CAN'T ADMITT WHEN THEY'RE WRONG, they just dig in and prove just how stupid they can be. As you look in the mirror.
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Bill Kristol Verified account @BillKristol 7 hours ago Trump "should put the good of the United States ahead of his own ego and resign. The American public, our international allies, the very rule of law itself would all be better served with a
Seneca County
Originally Posted By: scwoodchuckOriginally Posted By: Top DogWhile we are busy arguing one issue everything else is going in to the toilet. DUH, what do you mean "going" ? Everything started going down the toilet around 1973. But it's ok t
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ProfHelen @Helenhs 6 hours ago Obstruction of Justice Doctrine That is what the Trump Administration will be remembered for. Massive corruption & massive obstruction to escape prosecution high crimes & misdemeanors. #StartImpeachmentHe
Seneca County
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Fines by people who otherwise break traffic laws and get tickets is revenue. That revenue is a good thing. It lessens the burden that already exists on the people who own property and are already taxed more than enough already. [/quote] You don'
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“2. DNA size: We have more precisely determined the size of the DNA fragments detected and it has been established that the DNA contained has a molecular weight of 20,000/60,000 bp. This basically means that there are no "fragments" of
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Glyphosate Causes Serious Multi-Generational Health Damage to Rats – New WSU Research Washington State University (WSU) researchers have found a variety of diseases and other health problems in the second- and third-generation offspring of rats exp
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Muslim mosques were bombed in New Zealand. This made the Muslims very mad so they bombed Christian church's in Sri Lanka. A lot of wars are started because my god is the one true god and yours is a false god.
Seneca County
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Originally Posted By: John Q PublicAll buildings that give Seneca Falls its important sense of place. As I recall, you also supported selling the Three Bears in Ovid. It is good that you have been relegated to the Peanut Gallery. You talk like Sene
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Originally Posted By: 4sizzleWe now have a City Manager, Assistant City Manager, Assistant to the City Manager and the Secretary to the City Manager. Wow seems a little top heavy to me when all the money that they had in savings is gone or nearly go
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Mimi Rocah Verified account @Mimirocah1 14 hours ago More Mimi Rocah Retweeted Claire McCaskill Immensely Claire McCaskill Verified account @clairecmc Is anyone else worried that many, if not all, of the 12 criminal investigation referrals that we
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One would assume signage with a towing threat, just like a number of locations.
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Originally Posted By: TacitusLet's say you restore the building, bring it up the requirements for disabled access, and install a number of displays depicting the history of the Station, even manage to hire staff to maintain the building. Just the el
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Scott Dworkin Verified account @funder 4 hours ago If Hillary Clinton committed any of the crimes listed in Mueller’s report, Republicans would completely lose their minds, start impeachment hearings and push for her resignation. Hypocritical coward
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Quote:Tiger Woods wins 2019 Masters - and major drought is ... USA Today 4 days ago · The drought is over: Tiger Woods wins 2019 Masters, his first major championship since 2008. Tiger Woods trailed by
Ontario County
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in the FLT extra the american legion is offering their banquet hall to rent for weddings, graduation parties, anniversary parties, stag parties... they are having the the easter egg hunt on april 21 at 1 pm public is welcome to all events