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Jump to new posts Re: Boom! by Ben444 @ 1 minute 8 seconds ago A group of President Donald Trump’s critics on the right has made an endorsement video for him ― just not one he would want. The Lincoln Project’s latest is
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David Axelrod >>> Every time @realDonaldTrump says that COVID-19 will just “disappear,” as he did again today, this strangely checked- out president increases the odds that his chances for a second term will disappear.
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Originally Posted By: FormermacIn the voice of Rocky Balboa Hey Adrian!!! Don't get any worse than being an unethical White racist watching Trump go down in flames.
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Originally Posted By: GeedogWrong, we Trump supporters just read and shake our heads knowing better than to engage the progressive folk. We can't enlighten closed minds. Perhaps we can chat after Mr. Trumps reelection. "You post much bigger an
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ROTFLMAO Formermac is resting today, had a very busy Friday watching a Grand child graduating, maybe next week I'll help her parents find a commuter car to drive while attending college. So seeing that I'm tire, I am too famish to play silly games
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The Great Debate Forum Trump-loving governors finally realizing dangers of COVID-19 — and ‘reality is hitting them one by one’: CNN national security analyst Kayyem went on to say that it is very difficult to see
The Great Debate Forum The real reason Lindsey Graham is suddenly stabbing Donald Trump in the back Bill Palmer | 11:45 pm EDT June 24, 2020