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Jump to new posts Home made bread cost? by bluezone @ 33 minutes 17 seconds ago

has anyone ever priced how much the ingredients would be if one would make their own bread at home? white bread cost per loaf made at home? wheat bread cost per loaf made at home?
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Originally Posted By: luckyduckData from Wikapedia based on the U.S. Census ranks New York 37th in public high school graduation rates. Data from ranks New York #1 in public school teachers salaries! hope the 'teachers' enjoyed their
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Jump to new posts Re: Breaking News by kyle585 @ Today at 04:45 PM Democrats Shred Devin Nunesí Surveillance Memo The memo is in response to one declassified by President Trump alleging surveillance abuses by the FBI.
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Jump to new posts Re: Still More Tribal News by bluezone @ Today at 04:38 PM

Originally Posted By: bluezone show us a 'treaty' clearly stating these programs
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Jump to new posts Re: Finding a Job by bluezone @ Today at 03:48 PM

(in local newspaper) Finger Lakes Times newspaper is looking for sunday carriers call jeff bacon at 1-800-388-6652 or 315-789-3351
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Jump to new posts Re: Spectrum peeves customers by Timbo @ Today at 03:44 PM

Originally Posted By: bluezoneOriginally Posted By: TimboI use Verizon for my land line and internet at a consistent 22-24Mbps (20+ is full prosumer level) = $58 month w/fees and additional charges. if your bill for phone is around $20 per month and
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Jump to new posts Septic system replacement $1.1 million from NYS by bluezone @ Today at 03:35 PM

NYS has $1.1 million in the budget for aged or failing septic system replacement in the watershed areas of the finger lakes region eligible property owners can be reimbursed up to 50% of eligible costs up to $10,000 seasonal or secondary homes are
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Jump to new posts Lead water lines - replacement grant by bluezone @ Today at 03:23 PM

(info in the local newspaper) the city of geneva has received a state grant of $536,000 for the replacement of water lines that contain lead call collette barnard at 315-828-6585 to have your water tested if lead is found the funding will be used
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Jump to new posts Re: Changes at FLT by bluezone @ Today at 03:12 PM

Originally Posted By: TacitusFirst they fired all of the delivery people and now send the paper via the Postal Service. Now the Sunday edition they may now have a problem getting enough sunday carriers notice that they have large advertisements
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Jump to new posts Anti-Vax Libertarianism by Timbo @ Today at 03:01 PM

Here's the One Thing Scientists Have Found Will Change Anti-Vaxxers Minds: despite what some might think, those who choose not to vaccinate their children care deeply for their kids' safety and are driven by morals, just like those who vaccinate th
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Jump to new posts REAL State of GMO Science by Timbo @ Today at 02:36 PM

How to Detect Baloney the Carl Sagan Way:
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Jump to new posts Anti-GMO Baloney by Timbo @ Today at 02:34 PM

How to Detect Baloney the Carl Sagan Way:
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Jump to new posts Re: Walk the walk by bluezone @ Today at 02:32 PM

Originally Posted By: Timbothe US govt, is, and always has been in clear violation of the core principals of the Constitution in matters concerning the rights of Native Peoples. and what about you miss timbo? you still living on land that is N
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Jump to new posts Re: Right wing Political cartoons by Formermac @ Today at 02:18 PM

The decline of our nation started when the government stepped in and corrected parents about how to correct their children, now they will create a larger mess by having guards and armed teachers surveillance the premises. Look at who's leading the c
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Jump to new posts Re: "the mood is ugly" by Formermac @ Today at 10:30 AM Corruption, racism, lack of ethics, money over compassion, just the type of party running this country, any questions as to why things are in such an disarray?
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Originally Posted By: kyle585FROM FOX NEWS Florida sheriff Scott Israel says lawmakers 'won't get re-elected' if they don't push for gun control Sheriff Israel should be fired for incompe
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Jump to new posts Re: ical Memes by Formermac @ 02/22/18 09:29 PM

Black guy with a gun and crime = thug Immigrant with a gun and crime = terrorist White guy with gun and crime = mental illness
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Jump to new posts Re: President Trump Live by kyle585 @ 02/20/18 06:42 PM

HuffPost ‏Verified account @HuffPost 3h3 hours ago Former President Barack Obama led a vigil in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. President Donald Trump found some time to visit his golf course while funerals for vict
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Jump to new posts Re: The Trump effect continues! MORE WINNING! by Formermac @ 02/20/18 01:06 PM

Originally Posted By: FormermacOne can quickly figure out where your ethics lies, not in humanity or compassion. Mr. Donald J. Trump, on the day that 2 families bury their child, he's having a hissy fit and tweeting madly over the fact that he's been
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Jump to new posts Re: GPD Chief Tickler tricks the system! by Hello_Governer @ 02/20/18 01:01 PM

Originally Posted By: TimboOriginally Posted By: ruby2perhaps she lives in one of the neighborhoods ravaged by guns, drugs and violence!† I hope not for her sake.† She looked more South Main to me. And what exactly does THAT look like? Ah, Genesee
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Jump to new posts Re: Trump "Fritzing Out" by Formermac @ 02/19/18 10:26 AM

let's consider this one scenario, Trump has been rich his entire life and has done it all with one exception, being the POTUS. Take a good look at every rich person's contemplation a run for some political office, not to help the country but more so