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Originally Posted By: kyle585 Jeffrey Toobin: Trump should use spell check CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin says President Trump should have his tweets s
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Originally Posted By: gassy oneAnother worthless prediction from you Kyle! Your liberal buddies abandoned you because they can't back up their stance with facts! They don't like it when someone calls them out for what they are! OMG. This is a wort
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Originally Posted By: gassy oneWait till the new NAFTA agreement is worked out and see what happens! It appears nothing is going to happen. President Donald Trump told reporters Thursda
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Originally Posted By: gassy oneOriginally Posted By: kyle585Originally Posted By: cwjgaOriginally Posted By: kyle585Originally Posted By: gassy oneThe political witch hunt will accomplish nothing except waste taxpayers money And cost the Dems big ti
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Jump to new posts Streets in PY by gassy one @ Yesterday at 09:51 PM

I wonder what the summer visitors think when they try to drive down Seneca St. or Maiden Ln. or Kimball Ave.?
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Jump to new posts Re: Political cartoons by ThomasDecker @ Yesterday at 06:34 PM

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Jump to new posts Re: Seneca Meadows Must Go by Hello_Governer @ Yesterday at 04:06 PM

Do you understand what you just posted ?
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Jump to new posts Incident at 96A and 5 and 20 Sunday 3:00 PM by all seeing eye @ Yesterday at 02:43 PM

Came through there a short time ago. At least 9 police cars (state, sheriff and waterloo, possibly others.) There was a police car from the City of Rochester on a flat bed being towed away. There was a white car in the ditch between the entrance a
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Jump to new posts Re: "fundamental meanness" by kyle585 @ 06/24/17 10:26 AM

Originally Posted By: ThomasDeckerBack to name calling, I see.Trump is the number one name caller. Donald Trump has repeatedly labeled his political opponents liars. He dubbed Senator
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Jump to new posts Ithaca Reggea Fest 6/24 by Teonan @ 06/24/17 09:11 AM

En-joyyy! First annual Ithaca Reggae Festival celebrates Cayuga Lake Ithaca Voice by Alyvia Covert June 23, 2017 ITHACA, N.Y. The first annual Ithaca Reggae Festival is kicking off Saturday morning at Stewart Park, offering music, foo
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Jump to new posts Re: New Trash Rules in Geneva by scwoodchuck @ 06/23/17 04:19 PM

Originally Posted By: Let's be frankWhat does Geneva City have to do with expansion of Seneca Meadows? Just the fact than some City and TOWN Democrats use the landfill issue to get elected. When people wake up and realize certain elected officials h
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Jump to new posts Wayne Co. woman kills mom for insurance: police by newsman38 @ 06/23/17 01:15 PM

Wayne County mom killed by daughter, 3 others for insurance money, deputies say ONTARIO, N.Y. -- A daughter conspired with three men in February to murder her mother in Wayne County, deputies said Thursday. The motive, deputies said, was insurance
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Jump to new posts Re: Spectrum peeves customers by SilverFox @ 06/23/17 11:04 AM

My account is still TWC and I go and pay the bill on the website with no problem. I am still looking at alternatives to Spectrum. I would like to have Dish but I haven't decided what to do about internet and phone service.
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Jump to new posts Re: Geneva's 2nd Dirty Secret by veronica @ 06/23/17 08:27 AM

I'm also concerned that Seneca Lake is so dirty and it smells terrible if you walk near the beach and spray park. I don't understand why there isn't a call for something to be done.
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Jump to new posts Re: Inmates fill sandbags for home, business owners by Hello_Governer @ 06/23/17 06:32 AM

You should thank the environmentalist too , they were the ones who caused this whole mess. They thought they had to save the wetlands and the creatures that live there, when they should have kept their nose out of it. The system that was in place to
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Jump to new posts Re: The Trump effect continues! MORE WINNING! by kyle585 @ 06/23/17 02:40 AM It has not exactly been a great week for Trump in the polls, however. On Tuesday, he reached a new low in a CBS News survey, at 36 percent, with 57 percent disapproving of his job perfor
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Jump to new posts Re: GOP Can't Look Them in Eyes by kyle585 @ 06/22/17 02:09 PM President Donald Trump asked two top American intelligence official to say there was no collusion between his election campaign and Russia, the officials told special couns
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Jump to new posts Re: "the mood is ugly" by kyle585 @ 06/22/17 02:01 PM

From Fox News: President Trump tweeted on Thursday "I did not make, and do not have" any recordings of conversations with ex-FBI Director
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Jump to new posts 'Suspicious device' in Montour Falls by newsman38 @ 06/22/17 01:07 PM

Police investigate 'suspicious device' in Montour Falls New York State Police are investigating a suspicious device found in the area of the Montour Falls Fire Academy and state police station in Montour Falls. State police are working to identify
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Trump Vindicated? Study Shows Up To 5.7 Million Illegals Voted In Presidential Election. A couple weeks after the 2016 election, President-Elect Donald Trump tweeted this: "In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the
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2 people shot, police investigating at 2 Ithaca gas stations Police have confirmed that two people have been shot in an incident that happened on the 200 block of North Meadow Street early Thursday morning. Witnesses saw multiple people flee from th
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Jump to new posts President Trump Live by ThomasDecker @ 06/21/17 07:58 PM
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Jump to new posts Re: The Obamacare thread is getting too long by gassy one @ 06/21/17 08:54 AM

Another big failure of Your coveted Obama is the story of Otto Warmbier. Obama has blood on his hands from his failure to do anything for the young man who was actually killed because of Obama's incompetence!
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Jump to new posts Re: NO Skate Park by bluezone @ 06/21/17 07:20 AM

NO Skate Park due to high taxes Quote: County of Ontario Municipality Tax Rate Per $1000 AV City of Canandaigua 6.31 City of Geneva 18.29 Town of Canandaigua 1.15 Town of Vict
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Jump to new posts Re: New business in old Madias? by bluezone @ 06/21/17 06:52 AM

Originally Posted By: BrumWife I'm happy something is being done to the empty store front. have you checked to see if the castle mini market is open yet?
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