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BREAKING: USA Today endorses Joe Biden for President. It is the first time they have ever endorsed a presidential candidate.
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Breaking NBC: Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by the Trump administration.
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Originally Posted By: GeedogI can't believe the crap you post. If you believe that stuff you truly are in need of help. Four different creditable sources of crap on Trump on this thread since you posted this.
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I think the supervisors are starting to understand. They voted to ask the Governor to disapprove the Hillside sale. Originally Posted By: Hello_Governerdon't forget about the galvanizing plant. Tell em what they want to hear till you own it, TH
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LEAKED AUDIO Catches NY Gov Cuomo ADMITTING the TRUTH About his Lockdowns
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Originally Posted By: helpmeClick on to see the real story to why the developer of the old Penn Yan Boat Company hasn't started building condos yet. Yates County and the Village of
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Originally Posted By: DoctorTomI certainly do understand. Your history is apparent. The site's history also is. So you are saying that FL1 is biased?
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Essentials IS available on their website for $15, along with their "stream" and "choice" packages @ $25 each. Essential package IS NOT the same as Sling Blue, however. Essentials channels are as follows. Included with TV Essen
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Originally Posted By: GeedogI'm 64, going thru chemo. I'll be there. It is no more deadly than the flu, which I had this February past. Facts. Lie. The flu has never killed 200,000 people in a year another 200,000 deaths predicted for this winter.
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Trump is incapable of fixing anything. His only reason for being in office is the millions his businesses make off of it.