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You forgot the trouble that the residential customers of the County Sewer Districts, including the out of district customers, are in. If they have to pay for all this are they going to afford the Sewer Consolidation and the almost $3 mi
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Tom Steyer ‏Verified account @TomSteyer 5h5 hours ago If we let @realdonaldtrump subvert the Constitution out in the open like this, things will only get worse from here. Impeachment is long overdue. #FakeTrumpEmergency
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TigerTamer @MedicVet68 3h3 hours ago More As reported on MSNBC, Ann COULTER just said the only national emergency is DONALD TRUMP IS A IDIOT! ….I AGREE WITH HER ON THIS POINT,
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Kaitlan Collins Verified account @kaitlancollins 19m19 minutes ago Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander says Trump declaring an emergency is unwise and inconsistent with the Constitution: "It is unwise because if this president can declare a nationa
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Very scary! Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸 This action is simply to deflect the fact that he caved to Nancy on the wall. If he’ll steal military & humanitarian money through a fake emergency, don’t think for a minute he won’t declare a
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Originally Posted By: ThomasDecker Dreaming big is great. Trump on the other hand, wants to take America to somewhere we have never been before and is a dictatorship.
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Obviously they not worried about the excessive spending that continues to go on.
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“I often tell people if they are so into vaccines, then go get the other 30 that they didn’t receive, that their child will. Nobody has volunteered yet. (Author unknown) In the 1960's vaccine data was written on the child's birth certific
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“The Cry toxin mode of action, we and others have noted, does not necessarily discriminate between species. Any organism with a membrane-lined gut is, in principle, vulnerable if it consumes the GMO Bt crop. In these Bt crops the leaves, straw,
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I drove by the building and the for sale sign is marked, "sold" so I guess it's a done deal??
Ontario County
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The announcement has been made and my hope is that this new president can do what is needed to move the colleges forward, work with the city on mutually-beneficial projects instead of continuing to build a wall around campus and buy up more valuable