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Vaccines save lives, and if you have problems,there is help.
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Originally Posted By: Timbo Pay attention, now... I said "they INEVITABLY leak"... and they DO. Also, I fully concur that the specific ag-runoff found in our area is also and issue, just not one that possesses anywhere near the potential f
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of course the financial clock is ticking, the DEC fine for the violations is somewhere near $32,000 a day. That is what the fine was when the Village of Waterloo was in violation with their sewage treatment plant. But Teddy lied about that and the FL
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quote "In February, another employee, Amanda Quill, resigned after complaining about being ordered to hand-sort household garbage items out of waste deliveries to the digester, according to The Citizen, Auburnís daily newspaper. Quill and other
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Today and 3 times before, I have encountered cyclist, on W.Bayard St., in SF & River Road, 3 to 4 abreast, trying to follow the white line, on the edge of the road. Vehicles getting out of their lanes to miss them. These are adults not kids. SF,
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SMI plans to dump trash in Waterloo, ask the new mayor of Waterloo. Seneca Falls can't close the dump if it moves into Waterloo.