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Michael Cohen Implicates Trump In Illegal Election Interference: Michael Cohen, President Donald Trumpís former lawyer and personal fixer, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to illegally interfering in the 2016 election at the direction of the president. C
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When Mitch Rowe quit, the board did not name an interim. When James Smith resigned, they didn't either. The Department Heads ran their Departments and the Chair of the BOS did the necessary contract signing, etc. on behalf of the County. That wor
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Shingles Vaccine Has Been Reported to Cause Shingles Virus Getting the shingles vaccination doesnít guarantee that you wonít get shingles[1], and itís only meant to be used as a preventative measure, not as a treatment for someone who already has s
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Great episode of Highwire. Donít miss the interview with Brent Wisner... Seneff: ďThe last interview in this new episode of Highwire is phenomenal! Kudos to lawyer Brent Wisner and his team for their huge win against Monsanto in the California
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Originally Posted By: cwjgaÖ[A]s cable news networks debate reports of the existence of a recording of President Donald Trump using a racial slur, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports says that the president's approval rating among African-Americans is
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Jump to new posts Re: County Manager Leaving by Steve Dallas @ 08/19/18 02:21 PM

The County ran fine for two centuries without a County Manager, but has only had problems with one. Seneca County is not a big city county. We should go back to when the Supervisors ran the County, like it used to be. Come to think of it, before t
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Originally Posted By: GdogLets look at the nuts and bolts of this department. When the County Engineer ran the water and sewer, He had to take and pass a civil service exam to hold that position. Which he did do. The County water/sewer maintenance su
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Originally Posted By: TacitusI made contact by email. I sent the link to the Comptroller's report. Get over it, they're not interested. OR they are working on a 5 County documentary of ALL of the school districts and their spendthrift habits. W
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Jump to new posts Re: Village, Town & Seneca County Codes by scwoodchuck @ 08/18/18 06:11 AM

Codes are handy if you want to retaliate against your political enemies or do someone a favor.
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Jump to new posts Re: Breeder by all seeing eye @ 08/16/18 09:31 PM

I am so sorry. Did you file a puppy lemon law complaint? It is probably too late now, but for other people who are victimized (and their beloved pets harmed) it is important to do. The Attorney General's office is very effective in getting recover
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Jump to new posts Thieving scam artist by The Mechanic @ 08/15/18 02:48 AM Heads up Seneca County I heard this thief advertising on the radio. Beware!