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Originally Posted By: The MechanicOriginally Posted By: Timbo Probably a 'flat earther', too. What's a flat earther? 'Google' is your Friend.
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yes I'm laughing son, ever run a furnace without electricity? Once again, we won't get into a nonsensical debate for the reason that the furnace is fix and I've forgotten more then you'll every comprehend. Post your electrical license and DBA....what
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Originally Posted By: luckyduckData from Wikapedia based on the U.S. Census ranks New York 37th in public high school graduation rates. Data from ranks New York #1 in public school teachers salaries! Hence the title of the thread
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Exactly where to build the wall is something I had not thought about. Does the Trump administration really think Mexico would let us build it on their land? What are they drinking? There i
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Dear Ghosts, It might sound like a good ideal to you to close Seneca Meadows.But will anyone be able to afford their Taxes. Not everyone is Rich in this town , and or a Doctor or a Lawyer.There are a lot of people living here on a Fixed Income.If Se
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The size of the boat needed to hold GOP sponsored healthcare receiptants
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Both are true. I can't say enough good things about Ecuador OR it's wonderful people.
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Originally Posted By: TeonanE V O L V E clown. Originally Posted By: Timbo”Hypocrisy" is when you accuse someone of biases while blatantly exhibiting your own.
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Originally Posted By: Geneva_grlQuit targeting President Gearan. He and his wife have done much for this community. herez an idea the geneva school district is starting to spend $30 million to replace the sports fields rather then spend the $30
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Originally Posted By: Formermac it appears that someone needs a hug, medication and some couch therapy.
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Trump's Approval Rating Drops to New Low of 36%